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Stanton Turntable Flightcase



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Stanton Turntable Flightcase

This is the one and only, ProDJCase, made in USA, ATA certified case with lifetime warranty. Our cases has gone through several improvements as it has evolved through out the ten years we have been making them. The case is cornered with 1 inch thick foam and extra space for wires. This is indestructible, the ultimate, Professional ATA certified DJ flight case.

We guarantee this is the lightest and the strongest case in the Case industry. Working with the biggest DJ names we have optimized long lasting quality and light weight of our products.

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Free Float Aircushion

The Freafloat™ is a specially designed PAIR of aircushions for turntables in a DJ set-up. By placing a turntable on a Freefloat™, direct contact between the turntable and the DJ booth is avoided. This results in improved skip resistance of the needles and eliminates rumble problems completely

ELP-400 DJ Shelf
ELP-400 DJ Shelf

Our Vinyl vinyl storage tower holds up to 500 records on polished steel bars. Alternatively, it can also accomodate a standard LP 70 case on each shelves. The flush sides allow multiple units to stand next to eachother for large record collections.

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Matching Mixer Case

Our DJ mixer, groove machine and other DJ instrument cases are developed in last 7 years rapidly. We invest our major time into development and research of the futuristic styles and most comfortable way for protective accessories where DJ equipment will be stored.

Each and every case is specifically made for the mixer listed. We are manufacturers, not resellers!

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