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This is the one and only, PRODJCASE, made in USA, ATA certified case with lifetime warranty. Our cases has gone through several improvements as it has evolved through out the ten years we have been making them. The case is cornered with 1 inch thick foam and has 3 inch space on the top for wires and plugs. This is indestructible, the ultimatte, Professional ATA certified DJ flight case.

We also make cases for any kind of top loading PRO CD players. Same price. Order on "Custom Case" page.

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CDJ-700 Coffin made in Italy

Pioneer CDJ-700 and any DJM500 / DJM600 / or DJM300 Mixer from Pioneer. This Coffin System Case features long lasting durable quality case. HAND MADE BY ITALIAN CRAFTERS WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!

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Looking for the Coffin support Stand?

Our DJ Stands are researched for ultimate support, We guarantee this is the lightest and the strongest solution you can find on whole market. This Extra strenght DJ support offers a tremendous amount of flexibility without sacrificing strength.

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CD Storage Case

CD storage flight cases are built tough. They feature durable, weather and stain-resistant aluminum protection, various designs and price ranges.

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Find Matching Mixer Case

We guarantee this is the lightest and the strongest case in the Case industry. Working with the biggest DJ names we have optimized long lasting quality and light weight of our products.

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