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Dust Cover Mixer Lid



Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks

Dust Cover Mixer Lid

Technical Specifications: Pro DJ Case Original Mixer Dust Cover Lid AVAILABLE COLOR: Any, see listed

We are always on the cutting edge of DJ protection developing. First original DJ Mixer Dust Cover Lid is available on the market. Only from

This DUST LID is light weight, and easy to clean, made just write.

Mixer cover lid is designed to give longevity to your treasured equipment, if you need to protect your investment from the worst noise maker (the Dust) we highly recommend choosing this protective application. It makes sense and saves you money long term, just go to your mixer and check how greyish color is filling it's surface from day to day when you're on the run for daily activities outside your music kingdom.

This product is made for home use, instead of covering the players with robust and heavy case lid, when finish your practise, just slide our light weight cover on your MIX Baby. Even if you don't have the travel cases in your home, since you are not carry the players and the mixer outside on parties, this is essential tool for home/studio protection.

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