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ISOBox ShockMount Rack



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ISOBox ShockMount Rack

The Isobox is a must for anyone using a computer in the same room where they are monitoring audio. The new Isobox Flight Case is a portable machine room in the control room! Silence is golden thanks to the Isobox.

-The flight case meets and exceeds ATA specs with all recessed latches and handles.
-Includes 4 heavy-duty casters on a Birch plywood plate.
-3/8 ply laminated construction on inner and outer shell with many choices of colors to choose from.
-Shock mount rack has 2 foam for extra strength and ruggedness.
-Front and back removable lids.
-Rear rack rails at industry standard 22 deep.
-Reduces ambient noise levels.
-Clear Lexan front door allows visual monitoring inside control room.
-Forced air-cooling system flows air at 250 cfm, exhausts quietly.
-Rear access doors make calibration & configuration a snap.
-Patented micro processor provides these fail-safe features: audible alarm, thermostatically controlled fans, easy read digital display shows intake/exhaust temperatures and fan status.
-Dual fan patented sound trap/ blower box/ parabolic.
-Diffuser provides true wide band pressure absorption.
-Lifetime warranty on flight case parts and manufacturing/One year warranty on all electrical components.

We are manufacturing company with more of 10 years in various case designs. Email us with any questions.

Shipping of this item will be manually calculated due to Dimension limitations.

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